Le Rêve

For a period of time a spoken narrative is heard with the screen in blackness, then an image snaps sharply into view. Framed at centre is the Phare de Haut-Fond Prince - an isolated lighthouse built on a notorious reef, 7 kilometres off the coast of Tadoussac, Québec. The sun drops behind the mountains of the Côte Nord in the distance, as the camera makes one single turn around the iconic structure

Over the course of the film, the narrator invokes a vision that spans the range of the human sensorial body - recounting physical experiences of sound, sight, taste, scent and touch. Part way through, the dialogue shifts and metamorphoses between moments in time - past, present and future - alluding to the events that led to the emergence of sentient AI and the after-effects of singularity. The spoken words locate a woman and a man in the lighthouse seen onscreen. In an altered state of consciousness, they engage in a compulsive act of making as a way to understand what it is to be human - actively re-shaping their neurology in the process

Lighthouses facilitate safe navigation by warning voyagers of hazards ahead - they are reminders that we should proceed with full attention. Maybe what is most interesting about this moment of unprecedented technological change and evolutionary shift is the potential that it offers us to consider what it is about being human that we value

  • Le Rêve
  • 2018
  • looped single channel video installation with French and English audio versions
  • 11 min duration
  • photo credit Romain Gaibault