Keepers Keepers

Commissioned by Arts Institute Plymouth X Marine Institute, Keepers is the second in a trilogy of short films that use offshore lighthouses as iconic symbols of warning. This work focuses on the Eddystone lighthouse, 12 miles from Plymouth and one of the worlds first offshore lighthouses - witness to centuries of trade, expedition and colonisation

The film is one single 360 degree panning shot of the lighthouse at sunrise and a spoken narrative alluding to moments in time, past, present and future. It speculates on the present dangers that face humanity in terms of the ways we perceive reality, questioning how much control we have over the emergence of technologies that are driving our evolutionary trajectory. Evolution moves through us like an invisible wave

Lighthouses facilitate safe navigation by warning voyagers of hazards ahead - they are reminders that we should proceed with full attention. Maybe what is most interesting about this moment of unprecedented technological change and evolutionary shift is the potential that it offers us to consider what it is about being human that we value

  • Keepers
  • 2023
  • single channel video projection
  • 11 min
  • edition of 3 + 2 AP
  • photo credit University of Plymouth