In collaboration with two artisans employed on restoration of the Parthenon, an image of an iceberg found on the internet was given to Giorgios Alexandridis with the idea to model his three dimensional interpretation of the subject. Giorgios described the form he made to Vaggelis Hatzis without image or gesture, who then made his version based on the information he'd received. The resulting forms were placed above and below a table with a chair at either end

Made on residency in the birthplace of democracy at the time of the financial crisis, the incongruous nature of an iceberg in Athens locates the dialogue in the work beyond the national and into the global context of a political and economic paradigm that perpetuates social inequality and environmental crisis. The work raises questions of relation-ship - proposing that it's in the act of communication that creativity resides

  • Dialogic
  • 2013
  • plaster, poplar wood
  • 1.8 m L x 1 m W x 1.5 m H