Axiom Axiom Axiom

Axiom is a permanent work commissioned by The University of Oxford Mathematical Institute and developed in residency in the department of Pure Mathematics

A hand-made object was constructed using a combination of six equilateral triangles joined in an open configuration to create a partially enclosed space. Polyurethane foam was injected into the cavity, expanding over time until its energy dissipated and its growth ceased. The resulting object was scanned, yielding a three dimensional digital record of an entropic event

Imaging software allowed the surface of the scanned object to be viewed as a wire-frame mesh of tessellating triangles and a programming script was applied to the data making it possible to physically build these virtual lines. A second script was applied, giving each individual connecting spar a width that is proportional to its length. The resulting virtual geometry was fabricated using 5 axis routing technology, then cast in aluminium

Taking the idea that material phenomena are based on fundamental mathematical principles such as geometry, energy and entropy, and referencing complexity and interrelatedness theory, the memory of the original hand built object that is the source of the sculpture, exists as space within the form - encapsulated by a mathematical and digital process

  • Axiom
  • 2014
  • cast & patinated aluminium
  • 2 m L x 1.7 m W x 2.2 H
  • photo credit Quinitn Lake